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Frequently asked questions

Where do you get your vehicles?

We have multiple buyers who travel throughout the region searching for the nicest vehicles at the best price. The majority of our vehicles come from auctions where we purchase them from banks, credit unions, or new car dealerships who either don't retail their used cars or have a limited supply of them.

In addition, we buy from individuals who are looking to sell their personal vehicles, and fill the remainder of our inventory with trade-ins of vehicles purchased here.

What is your inspection process?

97% of the vehicles we purchase from auctions are eligible for mechanical inspection performed by ASE certified mechanics done independently by the auctions. We always pay the extra money to have these inspections performed, when eligible. This is done before a vehicle ever rolls onto our lot and goes through our own inspection process. Such vehicles are guaranteed by the auction for 7 days after we purchase them to not have a mechanical issue that exceeds $800 in repairs. This purchase protection allows us to return the vehicle to the auction for arbitration where we would receive a full refund (See? We buy warranties too!).

If the vehicle passes the auction inspection, we have it transported here where we immediately perform our own 125-point mechanical inspection. We follow this with our safety inspection where we measure both brake pad and tire tread depth. Each vehicle has its own inspection sheet that follows it throughout its time here, and we would be happy to give you a copy. After performing our own on-site inspections and performing any necessary repairs, we then proceed with our reconditioning process. We check fluids, change oil if necessary, then proceed with any cosmetic repairs.

Once complete, we send the vehicle to our detail line where we clean it up to your standards and then bring it up for pictures where it then is sent out to tens of thousands of customers online.

How do you price your vehicles?

Thanks to cutting edge technology, we are able to analyze vehicles in our market - which we have determined as a 250 mile radius - comparing our vehicles to those with the exact same year, make, model, and trim, with a weighted adjustment for mileage, then set our price accordingly.

The software we use for this process is called Provision by vAuto, which is owned by one of the largest digital retailers in the world - Cox Automotive. Most of our vehicles transact at 95% of market value, which equates to over $1,000 less than the average market comp. In other words, we price our vehicles aggressively from the onset to accommodate today's informed buyer. There are occasional exceptions due primarily to vehicles with custom features, such as a lifted truck or modified Jeep, but even these are priced aggressively when compared against vehicles that have more features than what comes stock in that particular make and model.

We do not have tons of markup in our vehicles, as we sell most of our vehicles to people who initially shop us online, thus forcing us to have a great price from the start. Our customers come from all over and we sell vehicles to people out of state every month, further reinforcing the fact that we price fair from the get-go.

With that said, we are always open to offers on our vehicles; however, please note that we do not typically have the ability for massive discounts due to already aggressive and informed pricing.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We've been in business 20 years and have established long-standing relationships with our local banks and credit unions, as well as having access to national lenders such as Capital One for our out of state customers.

If I'm approved, do I go to the bank/credit union or come directly to Auto Solutions?

That's a great question. Due to our relationships with our lenders, we are set up with them directly. You can complete all your loan paperwork here on our website or at our store and we will submit it for you.

I am a first-time buyer. Can I get financed?

We have many lenders who can accommodate most credit profiles, and offer multiple First Time Buyer programs. Click the Finance tab, followed by Get Approved, to determine your options.

My credit isn't the best. Can you get me financed?

Thanks to our lending options, there's always a chance. One of our lenders in particular isn't even concerned with your credit score, so long as you have good job time and a steady income source and the vehicle fits their criteria!

Can I add a co-buyer to increase my chances of approval?


What if I want to provide my own financing?

That is perfectly fine. Let us know if we need to send a deal sheet to your financial institution.

Why buy from Auto Solutions?

There are plenty of great options for buying a vehicle in our area and we are fortunate to have many great dealers locally, of whom we have great relationships with. You can't go wrong with most of them.

What sets us apart, in our opinion, is our employees. Most of our team had no experience in the car business before they started here. That was intentional. We didn't want some of the bad habits that are associated with car salespeople. Instead, we hire good people who know our community and understand the emphasis we place on customer service. We believe employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction, which is our number one goal. At the time of this writing, we have 13 full-time employees who have been at Auto Solutions an average of 7 years!

Culture matters at Auto Solutions. We anticipate being here for the long haul, and the only surefire way we know to do that is through honesty and integrity. Notice we didn't say perfection. We can't and won't make that claim. But, we will be honest with you and never hide from the truth. If you would like a second opinion on one of our vehicles you are considering, we encourage it. Need some time to think it over? No pressure, take your time. We respect that.

All of us live and shop locally. When you spend money here, it stays in this area. None of us - our owners included - have a second home or even drive luxury cars (not that there's anything wrong with that). We are regular people like you, and we will care for you accordingly.