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About Auto Solutions

My dad worked two jobs my entire life, in order for my mom to stay home and raise me and my brother. His primary job was at the City of Maryville, where he had worked himself up from the lowest paying job to now overseeing an entire department as the Customer Service Manager. His second job was in the garage connected to our double wide trailer. He would buy vehicles from nearby Airport Auto Auction that needed body work. There, in that garage, I watched him sand and apply bondo to fenders, then paint them until they looked as good as they had on the showroom floor. Once they were ready, he would list them for sale. This went on for a few years until it dawned on him: why not combine his car knowledge with his customer service background? That's where the idea of Auto Solutions was born. So, on a dream and a prayer, he walked away from his government job with all its benefits and 20 years experience. We didn't have the money to hire a staff yet, so our entire family went to work together. Dad bought the cars and managed our finances, Mom sold them, and my brother and I washed the cars. Pretty soon, we had a respectable business on our hands. I watched how my parents ran the business from the very beginning and they always followed the golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated.

Twenty years have now passed, and they have since retired and handed the reigns to us. We still follow that simple principle: provide good cars for good people.

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