Drivers who live near Knoxville are lining up to get their hands on the high-quality used Toyota models now in stock at Auto Solutions. You can be one of the lucky owners if you come in and take one for a test drive. We are excited about the current used models in stock because they are loaded with technology and more comfortable than ever. It sure is nice to have a warm Toyota to drive home in at the end of the day instead of a vehicle that feels like it's seen better days. Let's explore the wonders of these models below.

Why Are Used Toyota's from Auto Solutions Such a Good Deal?

The used Toyota vehicles that we stock, such as the Accord, Corolla, RAV4, Highlander, and Prius, are premium selections that we choose from returning leases, models traded in, and other sources. They come back to us in such excellent condition that we don't have to invest many working hours when our service team reconditions them for sale. Because we have abundant resources to invest the time into sorting our inventory and bringing our best offers to the Pigeon Forge region, our vehicles are of a higher caliber than you might find on the private market.

Popular Features of Toyota Brands

The used models that we have in stock are still relatively new. They aren't used up beaters. These vehicles were taken care of by their owners and generally have similar technology as the latest editions. You will find dynamic radar cruise control, vehicle stability control, traction control, electronic brake distribution, automatic brake assist, and smart stop technology, among others. And these are just the sophisticated safety features.

The Toyota Corolla is one of our best-selling cars of all time. You can't go wrong when you invest in this flagship model. These vehicles gently glide down the streets and are very easy to handle. Please call us for more information! We are excited to get more used Toyota models onto the roads in Sevierville.