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Normally, we keep these blog posts professional and moderately on topic. Today, it will not be very professional and only partly on topic. But it will be fun. As some of you may know, a video game called Playerunkown's Battlegrounds has swept the world by storm. Yes, world. The whole world. It is currently the seventh highest selling game of ALL TIME. It's only been out two months. Basically, the gist of the game is 100 players start out in an airplane. You fly over an island with a parachute and nothing else. Once you and your team land, you scavenge houses and buildings for weapons and armor. The last person standing wins. It's basically like the Hunger Games with a team option. Pretty cool, huh? So why am I telling you this? Well, the Auto Solutions crew is big on team building. But, with our growing families, it's hard to coordinate company functions that accommodate everyone's busy schedules. Here is where this game - PUBG - comes in. A few of the guys here started playing it online and told the other guys at work about it. Okay cool, they said. Then they tried it. Then their wives played a few rounds. Next thing you know half our staff are linking up and dominating together, as a team. Are video games silly? Probably. Are they a waste of time? Debatable. But for a few minutes, we have an escape from reality and an opportunity to bond a little, strengthening our friendships, carrying over our trust in each other back into the business world.


Year End Specials

From now through December 31st, we are offering major specials on to specific year models: 2004 and 2012. Anyone who purchases ANY 2004 model vehicle by December 31, 2017 will receive a $200 rebate redeemable at the time of purchase. Anyone who buys a 2012 year model during this same timeframe will have their first payment (regardless of price) paid by Auto Solutions. Click our inventory and see if anything 2004 or 2012 tickles your fancy. Or just buy any of our other vehicles as well!

Our Sales Staff

Car Salesmen typically have a bad reputation. That's why we prefer our staff to have zero experience in this industry prior to hiring. We hire based on communication skill, knowledge, customer service, and integrity. You may not always encounter the smoothest-talker at Auto Solutions, but you will deal with a real person who is happy to speak with you. And most of our staff are pretty funny too. We all got a kick out of this picture, hope you get a laugh out of it yourself!

Auto Solutions Participates in Alumni Football Gam

Alumni Football USA came to Maryville, TN this year to host a football game between county high school rivals Heritage and William Blount. There was, however, one big twist: the game was to be played by alumni of each school. Full contact, full pads, slobberknockin' football. Auto Solutions being host to alumnus of the schools, you can imagine the trash talking as soon as the game was confirmed. Three members of our team elected to play - Adam suited up at Fullback and Tight End for William Blount, while Bryan and Josh lined up at Quarterback and Wide Receiver for Heritage, respectively. William Blount won the game 22-8 and all came home unscathed, albeit immobile. They say the soreness is unbearable. While these guys aren't necessarily spring chickens (all around 30 years of age) they were among the average age of participants. Heritage had a player from the class of 1979! And two more played from the class of '86. Rumor has it a rematch is in the works for next year. In the meantime, Adam can walk around the office with his head held high knowing he was the captain of the winning team, as well as being voted MVP! Below is a picture of them. Congratulations men!

Customer Appreciation

Hello, Happy October! Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at Auto Solutions. You have football, pumpkins, great weather, bonfires, and mountains of Halloween candy. It's also traditionally one of our busier months. We've already seen an uptick in our website traffic the past few days, so we wanted to say thank you to everyone who visits our site. Thank you for searching for us in Google. Thank you for coming by our lot. And thank you for choosing to shop at Auto Solutions if you do so. We appreciate you allowing us the opportunity to do what we love. Cars, trucks, SUV's - that's fun to us. We don't take for granted that we couldn't do this without you. So, thanks: thanks for trusting us, thanks for becoming our friends, thanks for letting us operate in the greatest area on the planet - East Tennessee. You guys rock!

Reader's Choice Awards

The Reader's Choice Awards are in: Auto Solutions was voted #1 in Blount County, TN for the best independent car dealer. The Daily Times newspaper takes a poll of the community each year and determines a winner based on the number of votes. 2017 marks the 7th straight year we've been named the best dealership. Thank you so much to everyone in our community who voted for us! We appreciate our the reputation we've developed - not from being perfect, but from being honest and always doing the right thing. Our hope is to improve our customer service and shoot for 1st again in 2018!

From now til the end of the year...

Every purchase between now and the end of the year comes with a FREE Yeti Rambler and a spin on our Deal of Fortune. Keep your coffee hot, your tea cold, and win some cash to go along with a great car!

Why You Should Buy a Used Car

Purchasing a car can be quite the stressful process. New or used, you’re committing to drive after drive in the same vehicle for quite some time, so it’s important to feel comfortable with the one you leave the lot with. While a brand new vehicle may sound nice, the amount of depreciation that will take place over a relatively short amount of time may lead you to think otherwise. In this infographic, we’ll walk you through data we’ve gathered regarding the difference in equity lost between new and used vehicles over time. Not only that, but we will also give you the rundown on how purchasing used instead of new can affect the insurance and fees associated with your vehicle.

2017 Update

Hey guys!

It's been a minute since we last talked. Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog section of our website. This year has started off with so much momentum for our business and for that we just want to say THANK YOU!!! We are always working to improve our craft and hone your experience here so please be sure to email us, write us, call us, and come speak to us in person on ways we can improve your customer experience. This is a customer driven business and we want to cater to you. We are light years ahead of where we used to be but nowhere near where we want to be. Our goal is to get better every day and serve you to the best of our ability. Give us a shot!



Best Used Cars in Maryville TN

If you're looking for the best quality used cars in Maryville, TN you've come to the right place! Auto Solutions has a 4.8 rating out of 5 on Facebook and a 4.6 rating out of 5 on Google. We are always seeking to improve those numbers and our goal long-term is to be a 5 star business across the board. We understand no one is perfect, but we are striving to be. Our vehicles receive post-sale inspections from the auctions which we purchase to ensure a sound vehicle mechanically, then we have our staff mechanics inspect it once it arrives. Come check us out for the best used cars in Maryville TN!

Our Reviews

Charlene D. - 2012 Kia Optima

Five stars

Kevin D. - 2002 Kia Spectra

5 stars

Adam K. - 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Never met more accommodating people. Awesome dealership!

Crystal Z. - 2011 Kia Soul

I went to Auto Solutions because of the awesome reviews online and I was NOT disappointed. I can see why they are so highly rated. I've wanted a Kia Soul for a year now and now I am the proud owner of one. They made the process so easy and stress free. I am thrilled at the fact that my payments are right where I wanted them to be and on top of it all a 3 year warranty. They are someone I would go back to and I would definitely recommend them.

Lillian B. - 2011 Dodge Ram

All salesmen are friendly. Eli Nations is the top pick for us. He's AWESOME! We've bought three vehicles from him.

Hannah L. - 2005 Mazda Tribute

First experienced Auto Solutions in 2004 when we were in desperate need of a vehicle. They offered the best deal for a reliable car my mom still drives to this day. I bought an SUV from them in 2011 I absolutely loved. They offered the highest trade in value recently when we wanted to sell or trade my husband's Altima. They're honest people and they WILL work with your financial needs. They aren't greedy for commission like "major" car dealerships.

Susan M. - 2008 Toyota Highlander

I drove in to the car lot sick to my stomach about having to buy a car for the first time completely by myself.I was greeted in the parking lot by Logan who instantly welcomed me with a smiling face and a hand shake. My credit was not great and I had no down payment but he assured me he could help me.It was a long day but at the end I am driving a 2008 Highlander and was able to be financed through Alcoa 10 credit union..when Logan and Josh said don't worry we will take care of you they meant it..I strongly recommend Auto Solutions..Susan M.

Mike G. - 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

I have bought a few cars from these guys and have gotten to know them really well over the years. I would highly recommend them for your transportation needs. They have a family environment and are very honest in their approach. They have a very diverse selection to choose from which makes it a simple process in selecting your ride. I had been looking for better than a year for a truck I was wanting to buy. Josh was good in keeping me posted on the inventory that was coming into the dealership...now I have the truck I had been waiting for. I have also sent some of my friends, as well as students that I have taught in school to Auto solutions to buy from them. They have my endorsement.

Erika J. - 2004 Dodge Ram

I was in search for a truck and went to Auto Soultions I didn't have money down or a trade also my credit is not the best so it was hard for anyone to help me I went in with my fingers crossed and my hopes not so high I told them what I wanted and what I wanted my payment to be well I drove off the lot very happy today they helped me get exactly what I wanted a 4dr Dodge Ram 1500 5.7l v8 hem I they gave me a great deal and helped me in ways that I would never expect them to do very great people and dealership if your looking for a place to buy from this is the place to go they will help you anyway that they can and not give up on you if you don't give up on them I will be sending everyone I know that is looking to them thank you Adam crisp and Robert Garner for helping me I really really appreciate yall

Carol M. - 2008 GMC Acadia

We drove from Bristol TN to their lot last August to purchase our GMC Acadia. I was very apprehensive because I was trading a car I had owned since 2005 that I loved. This has got to be the nicest group of people at a car lot I have ever dealt with. My husband and I still talk about how we will definitely go back when we need another car. Super friendly, not pushy, great vibe, excellent car for a great price. Now I love this car as much as my other one, and am so grateful I found their website and dealt with them. A+ all around!!


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