When you need a new car, you may be willing to settle for something that is not brand-new but still newer. A used vehicle makes a lot of sense when you shop at our dealership because we put together some of the best deals under the sun. Think of all the other things you can buy with the money you save each month on lower insurance and monthly payments. You can save more than 30 percent off the latest models' price by settling for something made a few years earlier.

Popular, Used Jeep Models for Sale in the Pigeon Forge Area

Whether you've had your eye on a Grand Cherokee to drive your family around or a Jeep Wrangler for your next camping expedition, we have vehicles in great condition with low miles on them and a little road character. You can tell that the vehicles we stock are well-cared-for and have plenty of life left in them. We back all our used models with a customer satisfaction guarantee and recondition them for maximum value before they grace our lots in Maryville, TN.

The Jeep Wrangler is a star in the world of off-road commercial vehicles. It is the original commercial reproduction of the famous WWII model. These industrious vehicles have nearly unlimited options to upgrade and convert them for mild to extreme off-road durability levels. You will be certain to find plenty of use for your winch and skid plates when you invest in a Jeep Wrangler for your adventures in Sevierville.

The Grand Cherokee is that legendary vehicle for the extended family to pile in for any type of road trip. This vehicle remains agile and stable in any weather is built to conquer the roads and wilderness.

These vehicles have large but fuel-efficient engines that can produce up to enormous horsepower and still maintain a comfortable mpg rating. You will be impressed with the power and durability. They are not overengineered and are built for reliability. You will fall in love with the family atmosphere that they create and the hours of and hours of enjoyment on the road together.