Driving in luxurious vehicles at night has never been this simple, thanks to incorporating auto-dimming rearview mirrors that automatically reduce the headlight glare. Ever wondered how this gadget works? Well, here is how it works.

Basically, it includes an electronic system and mirror element which senses light from the front and behind via photosensors. The sensors make the mirror darken if the light coming from behind is superior to that coming from the front.

The mirror’s surface contains a layer of electrolytes similar to what is found in the smartphone’s LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The electrolytes include uniform crystals. So, provided a voltage is applied, the crystals arrange themselves at a certain angle, and in the process, determines the amount of light to reflect. The voltage’s strength or weakness regulates the rate the rearview mirror is darkened.It's worth noting that some rearview mirrors may include a compass and temperature display, while others have headlight control, garage door openers and audio driver interface sensors.