When you're driving your vehicle around Maryville, TN, it's important to take steps to protect the youngest passengers in your vehicle. The best way to keep your children safe is to use the LATCH system. The LATCH system is a system of metal anchors that are attached to the seats in your vehicle. These anchors are designed to keep a car seat firmly in place if an accident occurs. Fortunately, determining which vehicles at Auto Solutions offer the best LATCH protections is quite easy.

The IIHS ranks LATCH installations as either "good," "acceptable," "marginal," or "poor." There is also a "good +" rating that indicates a vehicle is equipped with extra LATCH anchors to help make your life easier. To earn a "good" rating, the LATCH installation in a vehicle needs to be easy to find and easy to use to ensure that you get a good anchor every time.

When looking for a car for your family, it's a good idea to start with the overall crash test ratings. This will help you determine how well a vehicle can protect all of its occupants in a crash. Then, to ensure that you'll be able to easily use the LATCH system, make sure to take a look at the LATCH rating, as well.