Our team at Auto Solutions wants you to be an informed driver when purchasing your next vehicle and knowing what’s available and will meet your needs is the first step. In recent years, more and more drivers are choosing to buy a crossover. Just what’s so special about crossovers, and why are so many drivers choosing them as their family vehicles? Crossovers offer you the comfort and economy of a car yet offer the room and performance of an SUV. Because their frame is more similar to cars than to SUVs, they’re cheaper to make. This, in turn, makes them more affordable. Drivers also experience better fuel economy with a crossover. Crossovers also offer a huge variety of design and style options, which is a popular feature with drivers of all ages. Before you purchase your next vehicle, come to our shop in Maryville, TN and take a crossover for a test drive. We’re pretty sure you’ll love what you see and experience!