Roof racks are excellent accessories for Maryville, TN motorists who love traveling with ample interior room. With these systems, you can securely store your items on top of your vehicle. At Auto Solutions, we want to help drivers learn more about the best ways to use these popular additions. 

These Systems Should Only Remain in Place When in Use 

Drivers are often advised to take their roof racks off when they aren't using them. A roof rack that isn't being used will add unnecessary weight to your auto. It will also increase your car's aerodynamic drag. Taking the time to remove it can save you at the pump. 

Avoid Damaging Your Car with a Proper Fitting 

A roof rack that's been properly fitted and properly installed will not damage your car in any way. However, a rack that's been either under-tightened or over-tightened can lead to serious problems. Take the time to read the instructions on these products before attempting to set them up.