Traveling with pets in the car can be quite dangerous. There are several things that can make it safer. Start with smaller trips and gradually move up to give your pet a change to get used to driving in the vehicle. Make sure your dog has identification tags that also contain the correct contact information. Make sure that your dog is micro-chipped. Never have your pet stay in the car by themselves. The car can get very hot in a short period of time. Having the window cracked does not help with this. Make sure your pet is retrained in either a carrier or a dog seat. Avoid having your dog sit in the front seat or in your lap while you are driving. Do not let you animal put any part of their body outside the car. Doing this can cause damage to their mucous membranes, and things can potentially fly into their eyes. Letting your pet ride in the back of a pickup truck can also be very dangerous for them. Leashing your pet while they are in the back of the truck can also cause a potential strangulation risk. Remember that the pickup bed can get very hot from the sun and possibly burn paws. Take special care to keep both you and your pet safe when you drive.