If you are looking to save money on a Toyota, all you have to do is swing on over to Auto Solutions to check out our used Toyota selections. In our inventory, you will find the Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Camry, Toyota Tacoma, and the Toyota Tundra that are available to you. By purchasing a used vehicle from us, there is also the chance of a warranty as some of our used cars still have the original parts which are under warranty through Toyota.


The Toyota 4Runner is a rugged SUV that excellent off-road capabilities for those of you who love indulging on an outdoor adventure. What also helps your outdoor trips is the excellent suspension system and safety features to keep you and your passengers safe while hitting the trails around Maryville.


The Camry is well-known for its handling and performance as its engine produces all the torque and horsepower you could ever possibly need. This vehicle also comes with a sporty and comfortable interior design that will provide comfort to anyone traveling in your Camry with you. If you are a Toyota fan and love speed, this is an excellent vehicle choice for you.


The Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck that comes with excellent performance features and towing capacity for those of you looking for a smaller sized pickup for work. This truck is also great for those of you who love the outdoors as it comes with a variety of great off-road features that you will love in Pigeon Forge.


If you are searching for a truck that has excellent suspension and high towing capacity, the used Toyota Tundra at Auto Solutions will not let you down. In the back of the truck, you will also appreciate a large amount of bed space you have to store your cargo. If you need a powerful work truck, the Tundra is an excellent option.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you leave satisfied with your dream car.