On this segment of our blog we are excited to highlight some of our previously sold, not-so-everyday vehicles. Unlike new car dealers we don’t sell model after model of the same old bland thing. We have the pleasure to sell unique Cars, Trucks, and SUVs. If you don’t come from Maryville, a small town in the foothills of the smokies, it will be helpful to know we carry the reputation of being the very best used Jeep retailer around!
Below you will see a collection of pictures and stories of Auto Solutions’ most memorable vehicles. Enjoy!

2014 Jeep Wrangler Starwood Customs - This Jeep cost $80,000 new! Having a reputation for being a used Jeep dealer, a franchise Ford store called us to purchase this! Starwood Customs is a specialty upgrade business. They’ve been known to do things as crazy as mounting machine guns on the roof of cars! A jeep like this is a rare find.
Lifted Chevy Colorado - The previous owner spent over $25,000 on the lift and suspension. Huge wheels and tires. Only 16K original miles. 4X4, aftermarket exhaust, push bar, LED light bar, massive subs, navigation, running boards to help ensure you can climb up in it. Just a total beast of a truck.
2011 Chevy Corvette GrandSport Supercharged - Our former owner is now the proud owner of this wicked Corvette! This car originally just has a 6.2L V8. THIS Corvette, however, has the V8 PLUS a Supercharger. Word on the street says it makes 800 Horsepower!
2005 Honda Element- We know.. A Honda Element? What could possibly be unordinary about a Honda Element? We’ll let the picture speak for itself.
Toyota Land Cruiser - Only with a toyota can a vehicle of this age look and drive like brand new. This Toyota Land Cruiser had 303,000 miles when we sold it. We received calls and emails from all over the country to purchase this car!
Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo - This car was created to imitate the look of “the intimidator’s" actual racecar (pun intended). There were areas of this car with Dale Earnhardt’s signature that were sprayed with clearcoat to be preserved. The lucky owner of this car drove from out-of-state to pick it up. Funny enough he owned a similar style of car that was actually a Jeff Gordon edition!