You might have noticed the inclusion of rearview cameras, or backup cameras, on many new vehicles. This feature has been around for a few years, but in May of 2018, they became mandatory on all passenger vehicles. This is an essential feature for safety and helps to eliminate a blind spot that is directly behind the vehicles, but they are also convenient. The rearview camera is mounted on the back of your vehicle. When you put the car into reverse, the camera turns on. An image is then sent to the monitor. However, this technology reverses the image so that it is correctly oriented. They have a set of guidelines to help you back into a parking space and allow you to see what is directly behind you. They can also be helpful when trying to back up to a trailer hitch. 

It is time to stop by Auto Solutions in Maryville, TN, and test drive a pre-owned, but new-to-you vehicle with this advanced technology and see their benefits for yourself.