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The choice to get a pickup truck or SUV means that you require a vehicle that can get you to where you need to be and do the things that need to be done regardless of the conditions in Maryville, TN. That often means engaging the four-wheel drive. Before doing so, you should know about the different modes of four-wheel drive and when to use them.

The first mode of four-wheel drive is 4 High or 4H. When in this mode, the vehicle can operate at normal speeds. This mode should be utilized when road conditions aren't the best such as when there's ice, snow, loose gravel, or mud.

Four-wheel low or 4L is the other option. This mode should only be used at slow speeds. It is designed to handle really heavy work or extreme driving conditions. Deep snow, mud, or sand is what this mode is designed for. It also helps with water crossings and climbing/descending steep hills.