When you're driving in Maryville, TN, you might try to do everything possible to save as much fuel as you can, such as driving at slower speeds. While this is an option, there are a few other ways that you can maximize the amount of fuel that you have in your car. Avoid quickly taking off from a stop as this can use more fuel compared to gradually picking up speed. You should also try not to slam on your brakes as this can sometimes result in excess fuel being used when you do begin to accelerate again. You also want to try to reduce the weight of your car as much as possible by not hauling a lot of objects unless they are needed. Try to use the type of fuel that is recommended by Auto Solutions. Most vehicles can easily operate on unleaded fuel instead of high-performance fuels. You likely won't see much difference if you use fuel with a higher octane and will likely spend more money fueling up your vehicle as well.