Normally, we keep these blog posts professional and moderately on topic. Today, it will not be very professional and only partly on topic. But it will be fun. As some of you may know, a video game called Playerunkown's Battlegrounds has swept the world by storm. Yes, world. The whole world. It is currently the seventh highest selling game of ALL TIME. It's only been out two months. Basically, the gist of the game is 100 players start out in an airplane. You fly over an island with a parachute and nothing else. Once you and your team land, you scavenge houses and buildings for weapons and armor. The last person standing wins. It's basically like the Hunger Games with a team option. Pretty cool, huh? So why am I telling you this? Well, the Auto Solutions crew is big on team building. But, with our growing families, it's hard to coordinate company functions that accommodate everyone's busy schedules. Here is where this game - PUBG - comes in. A few of the guys here started playing it online and told the other guys at work about it. Okay cool, they said. Then they tried it. Then their wives played a few rounds. Next thing you know half our staff are linking up and dominating together, as a team. Are video games silly? Probably. Are they a waste of time? Debatable. But for a few minutes, we have an escape from reality and an opportunity to bond a little, strengthening our friendships, carrying over our trust in each other back into the business world.